Metal Cutting

Spee-D-Metals was started with our focus on one thing; Provide services that meet our customer’s needs that will save them time and money. We cut metal to the exact size needed so our customers would not have to buy a whole bar when they only needed a small piece of metal. We provide band saw cutting which allows for us to hold tight tolerances to give you machine ready pieces when they arrive at your shop.

Production Sawing

If you need one piece or thousands of pieces at Spee-D-Metals we have no minimum or maximum orders.  We can help save you time and money by increasing productivity in your shop by selling you multiple pieces at one time cut to your exact specifications.  We have manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic saws to get your job done quickly.


Spee-D-Metals shears many different types of metals. We have a ¼’ x 10ft mechanical shear that cuts aluminum, hot rolled pickle and oiled sheets, 304 & 306 stainless, floor and tread plate. We carry many different sizes so if you are not sure our inside sales staff are trained to help you make decisions

Aluminum Plate Sawing

Our plate saw cuts 48” X 144”  The plate is cut on a carbide saw blade which provides clean square cuts.

Large Diameter Sawing

We have sawing capabilities up to 40” diameter.