Pipes and Tubing

Many of our customers ask us what is the difference between pipe and tubing? So to help you out for your next project I hope this will make your decision easier.


Pipe is primarily used for transporting water, gases, and other fluids. The shape of pipe is always round. We carry pipe A500 and A519. Please call us or email us for more info about your specific needs. Pipe is measured by the following dimensions: Nominal, Outer Dimension OD and Schedule. So be aware that pipe and tubing as shown below is measured differently. Nominal pipe size (NPS) is the North American set of Standards for pipe. The wall thickness of pipe is called the schedule So when you measure for pipe it is different from round tubing. Pipe is
measured using the inside diameter ID and the wall thickness. Common schedule for pipes are 40, 80, 120, and 160. The schedule of the pipe is determined by the needed pressure for the material in the pipe. So for pipes you just need the Nominal which is the Inside Diameter ID and the schedule or wall thickness.


Tubing is used for general construction, manufacturing bicycles, and roll cages. Tubing is available in round, square, and rectangular shapes. Round tubing is measured by the Outer Diameter OD and the thickness of the wall. Square tubing is measured by x or y measurement and the thickness (t) of the wall. Rectangular tubing is measured by the X, Y, and measurement and the thickness (t) of the wall.