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Aluminum is a silvery gray metallic color.  Aluminum is a widely used metal because of its low density and its ability to resist corrosion. Common industries who use aluminum are aerospace, transportation, and construction.

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Grades available – 6061,6063, 7075, and 2024

Shapes available – Rounds, Flats, Hex, Angle, Channel, Round Tubing, Square Tubing, Rectangular Tubing and Sheet.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is silver in color. Stainless is used for its anti-corrosive and high heat properties. Common uses for stainless are fasteners, food industry, medical, aerospace and transportation.

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Grades available – 303, 304, 316, 416, 440C, 17-4, True bar, Sheared, and Gowered Flats.

Shapes available – Round, Flat, Square, Hex, Round Tubing, Pipe, and Sheet

Cold Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel is dark grey.  Cold rolled steel is a common term for steel that is rolled or pressed at low temperatures. Common uses for Cold Rolled Steel are general machining.  Industries that commonly use cold rolled steel are general machining, manufacturers of durable goods, automobile industry, and Infrastructure.

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Grades available – 1018, 1045, 1045 TGP, 1141, 1144,  1117, 11L17, 1215, 4340, and A36,

Shapes available- Rounds, Hexagon, Square, Rectangular, Angle, Channel , I-beam and Tubing

Hot Rolled Steel

Hot rolled steel is dark grey in color.  Hot rolled steel is made using higher temperature over 1700 F which recrystallized the steel and allows for forming shapes much easier then cold rolled steel.  Common uses for Hot rolled steel are the agriculture equipment, truck frames, automotive industry, railroad industry, and art sculptures.

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Grades available – 1018, 1020, 1045 and A36

Shapes available – Rounds, Hexagon, Square, Rectangular, Angle, Channel , I-beam and Tubing

Alloy Steel

Alloy steel is light grey in color.  Alloy steel is used for its strength, hardness, corrosion resistance and hardenability.  Common uses for Alloy steel are for shafts, crankshafts, machinery parts, gears. aircraft parts, bicycle frames, and firearm parts.

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Grades available – 4140, 4140 HT, 4142 HT , 4150, 4150 HT, 4340, 4340 HT, 52100, 8620, & ETD 150

Shapes available – Rounds, Hexagon, Flats, Tubing, Plate, and Squares.

Tool Steel

Tool steel is light grey in color.  Tool steel is chosen for its distinctive hardness, resisistance to abrasion and their ability to hold a cutting edge.  Common uses for tool steel are tool bits and cutting tools.  Industries that use tool steel are plastics industry making molds, chemical, military and automotive.

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Grades available – A2, A6, D2, H13, L6, P-20, O1, LC4142 HT, S7,

Shapes available – Rounds, Plate, Flat Ground Stock, Drill Rod and Block.